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The Waiting Room 2014
Snapshot of 'The Triptych' Number 8 of The Waiting Room Series
The subject matter depicts over a dozen unique female figures clustered in a claustrophobic atmosphere in various postures and
positions.  They are all standing, naked, and bald.  They have some piece of equipment or tagging on top or back of their heads.  
Some have bandages.  Some have misshapen or deformed breasts that resemble eyes.  The same figures appear across the series,
some more recognizable than others.  Views are from extreme close-up to almost full figure.  In each piece, the figures are huddled
closely together in varied groupings.  In regards to narrative interpretation, the images invoke possible medical patients, abused
women, criminals, prisoners of war, or even androids.  The confined space, unusual setting, Fauvist colors, and physical
inconsistencies add to an atmosphere of anxiety.  The figures are encased in and project a dark and mysterious aura.  

They are Demoiselles for the 21st Century; in a state of anticipation, psychologically, physically or both, but we cannot be sure
exactly what it is they are waiting for...